Trying out

blip.fmMusic, music, music. Spotify has basically taken over as my main source of music. It’s a fantastic service and I hope it will remain this good. However, it’s always fun to try out new services, and today I started to use It’s like Twitter + Music in a way. Users are called DJs. They post a song (found in the database) along with a short message. You can follow people, give them “props” for being a good DJ or whatever  and so on.

The music that are played comes from all over the net. For example, someone has sent them links to three of my songs. Or maybe some sort of web spider has crawled them, I dunno. When you play a song it streams directly from the original URL.

My page:


TwitterI’ve been lurking on Twitter for quite some time now. I’m following 40 or so people. I kinda like it. However, I’ve never posted anything. My plan was to really start using it when I got my music making back on track. Yeah. Sure.

I posted my first little “update” on Twitter today. If you want to follow me, head over to and click “Follow”.